How I can help your project

I’ve been working as a professional software developer since 1989 and a Perl specialist since 1998. I live in Vienna, Austria, but am available for remote work as well. Here is an overview of services for your projects:

Data Services

These are ways of retrieving, parsing, extracting, aggregating, converting and filtering business-relevant data.

  • Web Automation: writing spiders, scrapers, bots etc.; also automation of repetitive tasks
  • Data retrieving: mining social media, log files, mails, spreadsheets, databases etc.
  • Data extraction: parsing addresses, dates etc
  • Data conversion: converting between file formats; geolocation etc.
  • Data aggregation: combining data from different sources; creating reports, custom RSS newsfeeds etc.

Perl Services

I have over twenty years experience in professional Perl projects. Here is how I can help your Perl project:

  • Software architecture: object-oriented design, plugin-based architecture etc.
  • Mentoring: for example, pair programming
  • Code review
  • Refactoring of existing Perl software; overhauling legacy Perl projects
  • Performance tuning
  • Regression tests: construction of a test framework
  • CPAN customizations: adaptation of existing CPAN modules for your specific needs; custom development of CPAN modules

Development Method

If you are my client, it’s important to me to understand your business objective and to help you achieve it.

  • Iterative development: Relatively short iterations, usually one or two weeks. After each iteration the client gets access to a usable product and can then prioritize new features for the next iteration or change his mind about existing ones.
  • Hourly rate: When using iterative development, an hourly rate works best. Billing happens after each iteration.
  • Fairness: I will learn new, general-purpose techniques on my time. I will, however, bill the client for learning things specific to his business. Bug-fixing is also chargeable – every software contains bugs, and I develop to the best of my ability, but there is no cutoff point beyond which I can offer unlimited support. I won’t charge for every small thing, of course – common sense applies.

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